The directory is published as a service for area residents by the Eagle View Community Health System through its Affordable Care Act Outreach and Enrollment Program and supported through a grant from the US Health Resources and Services Administration.

Thank you for your interest in the Community Resources Directory. Eagle View and the project co-sponsor—the Henderson County Community Resources Council—hope this directory will offer you access to the services and benefits that meet your needs.

How to use the Directory:

You may locate services and programs by selecting a category listed in the “Services Directory” on the right hand side of this page or selecting a tab at the top of the page for the following: a county under “Services by County” or an age range in “Services by Age” or in the “Alphabetical List of Organizations.”

To find an organization by name click on the tab: Alphabetical list of organizations. Then click on a letter to see all the organizations that begin with that letter.

Organization names that begin with spaces are listed first before organizations that begin with numbers and letters.

The number beside each letter or number is the number of organizations that begin with that letter or number. If there are multiple pages for that letter or number they are numbered at the bottom of each page.

Click on a column heading to sort the list by that column or to change that column from ascending to descending.

How to add your organization to our web site:

1. Find Login | Register at the bottom of the page and click on Register to create a new account.
2. On this new page find User account and fill in your email address and your agency name as Username.
3. On the next screen you will see a box saying that your new account is pending approval.

After you have created an account and it has been approved you can log in with your new password and agency name. If you have not applied for an account you may do so at

You will see a new menu named User menu and on here you will see Add Organization click on this and you will see the form to fill out to add your organization. Just add your information in the spaces with corresponding labels and help explanations and click Save at the bottom of the page.
Services offered, called terms or taxonomy, drive this website so be sure to choose them when adding your organization. (Services offered is different than “services provided.”*) They are the first item on the page just above your logo. The menu on the left is built from them dynamically as terms are added. The numbers in parentheses indicates the number of organizations offering that service.

You may select multiple terms by holding down the control key while making your selections. The terms you select will appear above your organization. When one of these links is clicked all organizations offering that service will be shown in abbreviated form, the entire organization listing may be shown by clicking on the heading.

You can upload your logo by browsing to it on your computer and clicking upload to put it on this website. This is the second item on the add organization page. It will appear at the top. If it is too large it can be resized or cropped using Windows Paint or other graphics arts editor.